Use code to mod mobs in the Wild Minecraft Code-a-Thon

We have partnered with Tynker for this summer’s Wild Minecraft Code-a-thon, an eight-week long series of coding challenges themed around biodiversity. Anyone can signup for free. Learn about different animals and habitats, and practice computer science skills to design new mobs, build new environments, create games – all with code!

Excerpted from the Tynker blog:

The biggest event of the summer is here! Tynker and Minecraft have joined forces to bring your child an exciting, adventure-packed 8 weeks of summer with our 4th annual Code-a-Thon! Your child will learn about the amazing species on our planet while sharpening their creativity and critical thinking skills as they code. This year’s theme is Biodiversity, and all of our coding challenges focus on habitats around the globe, from the Great Plains of North America to the forests of Africa! No need to transport your kids to any location for summer fun — they can compete using a computer or tablet from the comfort of your home!

Kids who participate will have fun learning about biodiversity as they complete 8 weeks of coding challenges. This year, we are giving away over $5,000 in prizes, including $50 gift cards for the 10 weekly winners they can redeem at the Minecraft shop! The Code-a-Thon starts June 24th, and it’s totally free to sign up! Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity for your child to level up their coding and Minecraft skills this summer!

This Year’s Theme: Biodiversity
‘Biodiversity’ refers to all the different kinds of life that exist on Earth, from large land animals like the African Bush elephant, to small plankton that live in the ocean, and so many more! There are many amazing species on our planet that live all around the world, in habitats like Grasslands, Deserts, and the Polar Regions.

To help make sure that these species will be around for a long time, we’ll need everyone’s help to create systems and technology to protect them. Through these eight weeks of coding challenges, kids will learn about various species and their habitat. They’ll not only develop an awareness for the magnificent creatures that live in our biologically diverse world, but also learn coding skills.