Students Show Appreciation for Teachers in Our June Build Challenge

For the past few months, teachers around the world have been going the extra mile to create engaging learning experiences for their students. We’re constantly inspired by the ways that educators have maintained their communities and supported students despite school closures. For our June Build Challenge, we invited learners to show how much they appreciate their teachers using Minecraft: Education Edition.

The entries poured in, and it’s clear from what we’ve seen that learners are grateful for how much their teachers care—not just about maintaining learning during this difficult time, but also about making sure students are emotionally supported and connected. We want to share their work with the community and celebrate educators everywhere!

Chinmay Jagga, one of Indian educator Monica Joshi’s students, decided to show appreciation for his teachers by representing the ways that they’ve enabled remote learning at home. He created an ideal distance learning space, then included a written message that reveals itself as you make your way through several portals in his Minecraft world.

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In Canada, Sylvia Lim shared work from one of her colleagues’ third-grade students named Brendan, who built towering emblems of the way he feels about his teachers and the things he’s learned in the classroom. This build included a giant emoji, a sculpture of a pencil, and a representation of the math concepts that Ms. Khalil taught Brendan throughout the year.

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Ms. Alfaro’s students in California weren’t content to create a static sculpture. They decided to introduce a bit of flair to their fanfare by designing a fireworks display triggered by Redstone. We especially love the note that they left for Ms. Alfaro using the in-game portfolio!

Namya Joshi is a student from India who’s such an innovative edtech pro that she provides tech training to teachers around the world. As part of a powerful mother-daughter team with Monica Joshi, she knows about all the hard work that goes into empowering learning. Aside from being an inspiring edtech leader, she’s also an excellent Minecraft builder. Take a look at this video of her creation, which includes a giant trophy, a sculpture of the number one, and an adorable heart under a canopy of lanterns.

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Goh Kok Ming’s students in Malaysia always create something astounding. After months and months of incredible build challenges, they showed appreciation for their teacher with a massive statue and a special message of thanks in the sky. It’s wonderful to see the symbolism of a teacher with an all-encompassing heart holding up a class filled with students!

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In India, Ashwini Pawar’s son created a kind of open-air trophy case to honor his teacher. He put his own particular stamp on each one of these colorful awards!

For our finale, India’s Piyush Bhange shared a video showcasing his builds. He decided to put his appreciation into the form of a statue of his teacher modeled after a mighty warrior, a giant golden apple, and a representation of the namaste gesture!

It was touching to see so many students expressing admiration and appreciation for their teachers. The last few months have been difficult, but educators have shown that they have deep compassion for their learners and profound care for their well-being. It’s inspiring to know that young people have teachers to turn to not just for knowledge, but also for guidance, care, and support. We want to join with students to tell teachers everywhere that we appreciate all that you do!


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