Student Creations for the May Build Challenge: Coding Coral

May’s Monthly Student Build Challenge was an exciting blend of ecology and computer science. Coding Coral gave students the chance to research the different kinds of corals in the world, learn about the factors that threaten them, then use code to generate new reefs and rebuild the underwater ecosystem. In response to this challenge, we saw some impressive student creations!

We’re always excited to see what Goh Kok Ming’s Malaysian students create. Starting from a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, they constructed extensive and lifelike coral beds. Giving students the freedom to flex their imagination as they learn is a powerful way to build engagement, and this group included a sunken ship along with an underwater castle. Watch their video to see how the class used a mixture of code and creativity to build their coral beds.

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In Canada, Dan McCreery’s students didn’t just build coral reefs using code. They also decided to design underwater labs and submersibles to help protect the marine environment. We love it when students follow their passion beyond a Build Challenge and create something amazing!

Nirmaladevi Kandasamy’s Malaysian students dove into this challenge to create a variety of amazing builds. Muhammad focused on laying out a colorful swathe of coral that looks like an underwater garden waving in the current.

Darshini was intrigued by the possibilities of an underwater research station. Her facility is staffed by a team made up of non-player characters. She even added tanks for studying aquatic subjects, featuring podiums with reading material about their contents. Darshini’s in-game lab represents a fun and creative way of sharing information with her peers.

Research facilities were a popular subject for Nirmaladevi’s students. Priya built an underwater lab that houses live subjects in glass tanks. Meanwhile, Ek created an incredibly dense reef and designed a submersible vehicle for navigating the depths on data-gathering missions.

In India, Piyush Bhange shared his process for tackling the Build Challenge, even showing off how the Agent put his code into action. As an extra flourish, he coded his agent to build coral structures in the shape of his name. This video outlines Piyush’s process and shows off finished work.

It’s always a thrill to see students leading the way on creative challenges. We hope you’ll try it out with your leaners! June’s challenge is all about teacher appreciation. It’s a chance for students to show their teachers how much they appreciate all the extra effort they’ve been putting in during this difficult time. We’ve seen the amazing work you’re doing, and we know your students are grateful. Learn how they can take part in the challenge here.

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