Sift Through the Sands of Time with New Egyptian History Lessons

Pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and the mighty Nile River… now your emerging Egyptologists have a chance to explore all of their favorite topics in Minecraft: Education Edition!

Enter the world of Ancient Egypt and interact with one of the world’s earliest great powers, learning about its fascinating geography, advanced economy, governing structure, iconic architecture, and unique culture. The team at Phygital Labs has designed the Egypt Toybox, an immersive Minecraft: Education Edition world built to house your learning about this fascinating part of the ancient world.

Five new lessons offer learners the chance to participate in both digital and physical activities. Students will conduct research and engage in rich learning experiences featuring educator-created resources, learning objectives, and guiding questions. How did living on the Nile River impact Egypt’s people and its status as a world power? What aspects of the Ancient Egyptians’ views on the afterlife impacted how they treated the burial process? In what ways was life different for members of various social classes in Ancient Egypt? How are the civilization’s queens remembered throughout time?

Students will explore these questions and more as they take part in game-based learning activities designed to be covered over the course of three weeks in 60-minute sessions. Each lesson provides the resources and questions you’ll need to lead engaging activities and discussions. Take a look at what you’ll find in the Egypt Toybox!

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Explore five new lessons on Ancient Egypt

Lesson 1
Students research Ancient Egypt’s history as a world power, its architecture, society, beliefs, and political system. In this first lesson, learners discover how Egypt’s location on the banks of the Nile helped it become a world power.

Lesson 2
Pyramids are the most iconic structures associated with Ancient Egypt. In this lesson, students create architectural marvels through building and carving pyramids and other monuments. They’ll explore whether it’s easier to create a structure by adding or removing material through either building or carving using code.

Lesson 3
Wonder what life was like for different social classes in Ancient Egypt? This lesson examines the roles of different stations in Egyptian society. Students take on the roles of farmers, slaves, temple workers, or rulers and experience a day in the life of different members of Egyptian society.

Lesson 4
Venture inside a tomb to uncover Ancient Egyptian ideas about spirituality and the afterlife. Students will meet famous Egyptologist Howard Carter, whose journal entries will guide their inquiry. Learners unpack Ancient Egyptian symbolism, burial practices, and the purposes behind such elaborate rituals.

Lesson 5
Ancient Egypt’s history reveals that women could take on powerful roles in society. Students research an Egyptian queen and design a tomb for her. They also activate their creative writing skills and draft an autobiography from the queen’s perspective, explaining her journey to power, impact, and legacy.

Try out these lessons with your students and inspire a love for ancient history and civilizations! You’ll find all five in our History and Culture Subject Kit.

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