04 Mar 2024 Microsoft Copilot logo recreated in Minecraft

We released Prompt Lab for Minecraft Educators in January as a new series of practical resources on using Microsoft Copilot with Minecraft Education to design classroom-ready learning experiences. Now we’re excited to share the second module of Prompt Lab, which focuses on coding and curriculum innovation.

This new module will equip any educator, no matter where you are on your Minecraft journey, to use Microsoft Copilot to improve your teaching skills. Discover how to incorporate Minecraft Education into your curriculum to meet specific learning goals with the help of AI. This module is designed for educators eager to embrace innovative teaching methods to prepare students with future-ready skills.

In Prompt Lab: Module 1, learn how to write prompts, develop learning content and assessments, and generate creative ideas for lesson plans will help you unlock the power of game-based learning with Minecraft Education.

In Prompt Lab: Module 2, learn the basics of Code Builder, the in-game coding feature of Minecraft Education. Explore the Python editor within MakeCode and code instructions for the Agent (your robot companion) to execute within the blocky Minecraft world. Use the sample prompts in the Prompt Lab playbook to provide instructions to Copilot to generate Python scripts that you can use to teach and build in Minecraft.

Prompt Lab supports creative teaching approaches that foster educator confidence, student-led learning, and digital skills with Minecraft. Keep up with the newest trends in educational technology while improving your teaching techniques and letting Prompt Lab assist you with Minecraft professional development. We can’t wait to see how you use Copilot to level up your Minecraft teaching game!

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