New grade 4 standards-aligned math activities

As promised, our team has released an additional 31 lessons and 18 new worlds to cover all of the grade 4 Common Core math standards!

Download the alignment guide for a complete list of applicable standards along with links and descriptions of Minecraft activities that focus on each objective. (Hint: Control+F, or Command+F on a Mac, is the perfect tool to help you search for a specific standard or math topic.) Educators can also access these lessons and worlds for free at any time via our math subject kit. Learn about our grade 3 activities here.

Below are a few lessons to get you started teaching math with Minecraft:

Fractions in Minecraft
Standard: 4.NF.A.1-4.NF.C.7
Students build math models that correspond to fraction operations and solve four to six problems per standard.

Note: This ambitious world covers all seven of the standards in this strand, with activities and video explanations for each.

Measurement Mini-Game
Standard: 4.MD.A.1
Students will play, examine, and create plans for a mini game that is 120 meters long and document their work.


Symmetry In Pixel Art

Standard: 4.G.A.3
Students study lines of symmetry in pixel art then design their own pixel art with a partner.



We will be sure to update you as content for additional age levels are released. In the meantime, share your classroom creations with us on Pinterest or Twitter via @playcraftlearn and #MinecraftEDU.