Minecraft: Education Edition Summer Camp in China

In the summer of 2020, Minecraft: Education Edition is taking students in China on a new learning journey! We’re partnering with Microsoft and a team of experts from all over the world for the first time to adapt the international version of Minecraft: Education Edition for Chinese students. To get started, we’re welcoming students in China to join the Minecraft: Education Edition Summer Camp.

This free, two-month summer camp is a chance for students to experience learning in Minecraft, all while staying at home. From July 13th to September 6th, 12 lessons featuring pre-recorded tutorials delivered by lecturers will be available for free. In addition to the recorded lessons, students will also gain free access to more than 70 Minecraft: Education Edition worlds. Learners will discover The Secret of the Giant Tower, use the power of chemistry to create super fertilizer, and find innovative solutions to save an island covered with garbage.

What can students expect from the Summer Camp in China?

We’ve teamed up with educational institutions and lecturers from around the world to create the Minecraft: Education Edition China Summer Camp in China. Our partners include industry leaders in children’s programming such as NetEase Youdao, Bell.AI, iandcode.com, Kodu.club, ChinaSoft International, and authoritative certification bodies like Cambridge Assessment English.

A large yacht in the midst of a mangrove swamp

This Summer Camp is based entirely in the world of Minecraft, and it’s designed to create a strong atmosphere of community and fun through immersive 3D scenarios, in which campers explore, create, and experience the benefits of self-expression in the worlds they’ve built. The camp’s communal learning setting will also help inspire creative thinking and problem-solving, all while fostering relationship-building as students learn together.

After completing all the courses, the Minecraft adventurers will receive a certification for taking part in the camp. They’ll also be able to upload their work to the internet so friends all over the world can view their work. There’s even an element of friendly competition involved where students can compete to receive prizes!

We’re excited to see what students create as they learn and play together this summer! Students in China can learn more and register to join the camp here.