Mentor of the Week – Paola López Campos

Using Minecraft to integrate Arts and Mathematics

Arts and Mathematics are usually seen as two different domains. In education, art class is rarely seen as a class that uses mathematics to create artistic compositions.

Mathematics usually covers our rational thinking, what we know as a left-brain activity, while art supports the development of our creativity and emotional side of the brain, what we call right-brain. However, it is well known that famous paintings, songs, and sculptures are proof of the interdependence of these two fields.
Let´s talk about music, have you ever wondered what songs would be without rhythm? Did you know that musical rhythm and mathematics are connected through algorithms and geometry?

We can use Minecraft to create simple music notes using the note block and the Redstone. That way we can integrate musical art and mathematics.

It is possible to integrate math and visual arts using pixel art. 2D drawings can be used with lower elementary children such as 1st and 2nd graders. 3D drawings can be used with upper elementary such as 3rd and 4th grader.
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) is the newest method of learning, the students need to use all their available resources to represent a project and they are challenged and pushed to join fields demonstrating and developing their 21st-century skills, and Minecraft is a useful tool to do it.

Integrating art into the core curriculum is vital, it increases the child’s understanding and academic achievement because the kids are learning in a fun and relaxed environment, the children may not know that once they achieved the objective in Minecraft, they are really transcending knowledge in a transversal field.

Paola Lopez Campos is a Computer Science Teacher at the American Institute of Monterrey, Mexico, and a Minecraft Global Mentor