Explore Ukraine’s Incredible Capital City, Kyiv

02 Jun 2022 Ukraine’s Capital City Kyiv Banner

Visiting and exploring new cities and cultures is an incredible way to expand your knowledge of the world. Minecraft: Education Edition allows both students and educators to virtually visit all kinds of different places. We’ve launched a world that allows young people to learn about Ukraine, and explore the culture, history, and architecture of its capital, the city of Kyiv.

Kyiv: Craft a City Guidebook was built by 27-year-old Yevhenii Korol, who was born and lives in Kyiv. Yevhenii has played Minecraft for 10 years now, since he was 17 years old, and believes the game is a powerful tool for self-development and realization of dreams. We’re grateful to Yevhenii for allowing us to use his Minecraft World for this project.

In Yevhenii’s world, learners will only use the Camera and Book and Quill to gain an invaluable history lesson about this great capital. You will begin your journey near Kyiv’s Independence Square. The world will be immutable, so you won’t be able to make any kind of changes to the building or surrounding areas; with the entire lesson lasting between 30 min and 1 hour.

With the camera, students will naturally be able to take photographs of buildings, or sites of cultural and historical interest. You’ll be required to take photographs of at least five different notable locations. After taking a photograph of a particular item, students will then begin their research and gather all the information they need about the item in their books and quills.

Kyiv’s historically and culturally significant buildings

Kyiv is in north-central Ukraine and is an important industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center in Eastern Europe. It’s also known as a green city with two botanical gardens, along with numerous large and small parks. Alongside Independence Square, other notable landmarks are the October Palace, National Music Academy of Ukraine, and Saint Sophia Cathedral. Slowly but surely, students will gain knowledge about Ukraine and Kyiv’s historical and cultural significance, along with an appreciation for the city’s historical sites.

After the exploration is done, students can export their work as a PDF document and share with their teachers/educators. Teachers can choose to create a class portfolio and share the information generated by students. Supporting material will also be provided to educators, which can be used in conjunction with this world to lead exercises and lesson plans. A PowerPoint deck will be available as well, containing still images, explanations, and video footage that will make the lesson planning as simple as possible for teachers.

Buildings surrounding a park in Kyiv city

Gaining an understanding and appreciation for different cultures and incredible cities around the world is a powerful learning experience. We’d like to thank Yevhenii once again for giving students the opportunity to learn and explore Kyiv.

Find the Kyiv: Craft a City Guidebook lesson here and be sure to also visit the Ukrainian Government Website about Kyiv to learn even more about this country and capital’s rich history. While you’re at it, explore the rest of our History, Art and Design, and Government and Politics lessons.