It’s Time For Minecraft #HourofCode

Today marks the beginning of Computer Science Education Week, and we couldn’t be more excited to have millions of students join the 2.4mm who have already completed the Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial. We have also prepared some additional resources for educators and students. Are you an educator looking for a tour through the Minecraft Tutorial? Technology educator Steve Isaacs was kind enough to lend his time for a walkthrough of all fourteen Minecraft puzzles. He also presents the learning objectives and coding mechanics students pick up along the way. We are happy to share a series of daily puzzles we created based on Puzzle 14. Each day, present students with an ending image from the open world, and challenge them to experiment and discover one way to create that image through code. One solution is available each following day. Be sure to tweet and share student solutions and puzzles of their own at Minecraft #HourofCode, we will be on the lookout throughout the week. The Minecraft team is committed to finding inventive ways to bring player passion for Minecraft into the classroom. We look forward to sharing more with all of you in the months to come. For now, find an hour, choose Alex or Steve, and get moving with Minecraft and Hour of Code.