Minecraft Education is Coming to ISTE Live 2024!

06 Jun 2024 Conference presenter presenting

The Minecraft team is excited to be headed back to ISTE Live June 23-26 to showcase exciting new solutions and classroom activities for Minecraft Education! We will be delivering sessions, workshops, demos, and for the first time live Esports on the ISTE main stage. Learn more about how Microsoft Education is showing up at ISTE in this blog and sign up for sessions using the links below.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Discover how to implement Minecraft Education to build critical skills students need for the AI era including computational thinking, cybersecurity, and online safety. Get a deep dive of Minecraft’s standards-based curriculum rooted in immersive applied learning. Minecraft provides a safe, fun way to engage students and build confident digital citizens. Bring your own device to explore the curriculum!

Characters from the Minecraft Education Cyber curriculum

Live Esports from the Colorado Convention Center, ISTE Mainstage

Monday, June 24


Dive into the world of competitive esports with students using Minecraft Education to bring their imaginations to life in a LIVE blocky showdown! Join us as teams from across the United States engage in a Minecraft head-to-head build challenge. Witness the creativity and ingenuity of student teams as they tackle a unique challenge simultaneously on the Main Stage. Throughout the gameplay, shoutcasters will provide insightful commentary, offering viewers an immersive experience into the competitive world of esports. The event will culminate with a presentation by the competitors, showcasing their remarkable creations, followed by a prize ceremony. Thank you to our esports sponsor, CDW!

Photo of three students in a classroom

Spotlight Workshop, Colorado Convention Center, Mile High Ballroom 1EF

Help us save an old arcade by learning to code in Minecraft Education and building new video games. Join this hands-on coding session as we explore a new standards-aligned coding curriculum for Minecraft Education that packs the excitement of video game creation with step-by-step learning resources.

Minecraft arcade

Microsoft Live Learning Theater: Expo Hall F – Booth #1300

Empower learners with understanding and confidence to navigate AI! Explore AI literacy resources for teaching and learning in Minecraft Education. Design immersive lessons that engage students in applied learning and problem-solving with AI and see a preview of AI-enhanced teacher tools that make AI relevant for our youngest learners. BYOD!

Microsoft Learn Live Classroom: Rooms 301 / 302

Learn how we’re joining our standards-aligned computer science curriculum with Prodigy’s assessments and exams to bring credentialing to Minecraft Education.

Discover the transformative potential of Minecraft Education for district-wide outcomes with insights from Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Explore strategies for deploying Minecraft across curricular, securing administrative support, accessing PD resources, and implementing esports and build challenges. Become informed and inspired to bring Minecraft to your schools or district!

The Minecraft Education team and our incredibly talented educator ambassadors will be demoing solutions in Computer Science, AI, Esports, Cybersecurity and much more in the Microsoft booth. Join us to see how Minecraft can help spark new levels of student engagement and skill-building. 

Minecraft Education staff standing in a trade show booth


Follow Minecraft Education to learn more and see our team in action at the event!