How a School in Puerto Rico Brings Chemistry to Life with Minecraft: Education Edition

The San Juan Math, Science, and Technology center in Puerto Rico is using game-based learning to pave the way for a new level of engagement among their students. The institution is part of San Juan’s municipal education system and is recognized by Microsoft alongside a global community of other schools engaged in K-12 education transformation. The school decided to integrate Minecraft: Education Edition into their curriculum and have seen exciting results in STEM learning.

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One educator challenged her class to develop a product for an imaginary company. They produced compounds in the Minecraft: Education Edition Chemistry tutorial world using the Compound Creator and the Lab Table features to craft substances like rapid growth fertilizer and bleach. Through this lesson, students learned how to combine the right compounds through trial and error, enhancing their problem-solving skills and learning the scientific method. They practiced caution while combining compounds: one wrong move and they could end up causing an explosion in the game! This exploration is relevant to real-life lab safety scenarios. “The Compound Creator and the Lab Table that created the compounds were what helped us the most,” explains Ana Paracisini, a student at the San Juan Math, Science, and Technology center. Ana was able to create ammonia, something she wouldn’t normally be able to experiment with in a traditional school science lab setting.

Ultimately, Minecraft: Education Edition allowed students at the San Juan Math, Science, and Technology center access to create and transform their own learning experiences. Educator Santos Despiau says that Minecraft transforms the Chemistry learning experience because it “extends beyond traditional learning styles and allows lessons to be transformed into fun, interactive experiences.”

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