Going beyond Hour of Code with Minecraft

05 Dec 2022 Computer science blog banner


Minecraft Education wants to help every student on the planet learn to code. This means not only making coding meaningful, fun, and relevant to young people, but also providing tools and content for educators to bring computer science (CS) into any classroom.

We are celebrating Computer Science Education Week this year with a new Minecraft CS Progression for primary and secondary students, in addition to an exhilarating new Minecraft Hour of Code: Escape Estate. No matter where you are in your CS journey, we’ll show you how to teach coding with Minecraft!

Minecraft: Education Edition brings coding into the blocky, creative world of Minecraft. Using Code Builder, which integrates with Microsoft MakeCode and Azure Notebooks, learners can code with blocks or Python. They apply coding to exciting real-world challenges and then see their code come to life in the Minecraft world, which helps reinforce learning. For example, in one lesson, students use block-based coding to rescue a stranded polar bear and in another they write Python scripts to plant carrots on a farm. Coding in the game-based learning environment of Minecraft is engaging, motivating, and fun!

Ok, ready to get started? Here’s how we recommend diving into CS with Minecraft.


Download Minecraft: Education Edition. Talk to your IT administrator about deploying Minecraft: Education Edition on your students’ devices, too.

If you’re brand new to coding, try a Minecraft Hour of Code lesson.

  • If you don’t have a license, open the app on your device and click “try demo lesson” on the home screen (no need to login).
  • If you can login, navigate through the in-game Library menus to Computer Science and Hour of Code. You’ll learn simple block-based coding with Microsoft MakeCode in a fun Minecraft adventure world.


Ready to progress past your first hour? Minecraft offers more free, easy-to-teach lessons plus creative classroom challenges and professional development. Check out the one-hour online training Intro to Coding with Minecraft to get you on the right track.

If you’re feeling confident with Code Builder and want to explore our curriculum, begin with Computing with Minecraft, a 10-unit set of block-based coding lessons based on CSTA standards. Students will learn about conditionals, functions, and coordinates while solving exciting Minecraft challenges.

Computing with Minecraft lesson units are shown within Minecraft: Education Edition


We launched the new Minecraft CS Progression in June 2022. This comprehensive, modular curriculum is designed to progress students from block-based coding to Python. Supplement your existing lessons with Minecraft content to boost engagement or teach a full curriculum pathway.

Cybersecurity and cloud computing lessons help learners build digital citizenship skills and meet a broad range of curriculum requirements. Learners can also progress from coding in Minecraft to other Microsoft coding products, such as VS Code.

With 200 hours of learning content aligned to CSTA and ISTE computer science standards accompanied by free online teacher training, the Minecraft CS progression allows any level educator to teach coding with Minecraft.

Infographic outlining the Minecraft K-12 computer science curriculum


Coding skills are already in high demand in today’s economy, most future jobs will require digital skills. Meanwhile students who pursue CS tend to also perform better in reading and math, critical subjects where we’ve seen troubling learning loss in the last few years. We must make computer science both accessible and engaging to help students build a passion for STEM and access future opportunities.

We’ve seen incredible examples of educators and students alike making a difference by establishing Minecraft Labs to boost STEM engagement in Duval County, Florida, teaching students across Ireland to code on DreamSpace TV, and implementing coding curriculum across Wales. Our global community is recognizing the impact of bringing code into the classroom, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

This year, take the next step with CS that’s right for you and your learners. We’ll be by your side the whole way!