The GOAT Update Beta brings new features, mobs, and improved stability

29 Sep 2021

From snowy mountain peaks to deep, mysterious subterranean caves and the Nether, the world of Minecraft: Education Edition is about to get much more exciting. We’re inviting you to take part in the GOAT Update Beta—and this really is the greatest update of all time! 🐐

Soon your learners will be able to experience content from the last two major updates for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Caves and Cliffs Part 1 and the Nether Update, along with a few more goodies we’ve added to support teaching and learning with Minecraft.

Alex and Steve in a glass greenhouse

While scaling icy mountain ranges, you’ll meet mischievous, high-jumping goats. Watch out! They can ram you off a cliff if you’re not careful. Meanwhile, deep underground, you’ll discover the adorable axolotl. This subterranean creature supports you in underwater battles and even provides regeneration. Among an array of exciting new blocks and items, students will be able to experiment with copper they can use to craft lightning rods and learn about oxidation.

New mobs and environments are waiting for your learners in the Nether. They’ll meet the piglins, fend off hostile hoglins, and traverse stretches of lava while mounted on the Nether’s rideable beast, the strider. This update will also introduce netherite, which gives you the ability to craft new tools.

And that’s just scratching the surface! Explore all the new flora, fauna, and features you’ll find in the Caves and Cliffs Part 1 and Nether content.

Flames of the Nether in action

We’re also adding features that will make instruction and documentation easier than ever. First, multiplayer games are expanding to allow up to 40 players to join in simultaneously. That will help learners work on those epic collaborative projects in even larger groups, or help you teach lessons to a larger set of students.

There’s also a new way to share in-game photos. Using the Camera, you can take a picture and add it to the Portfolio just like before. With this update, you’ll see a new button that makes the photo into an item. As items, photos can be saved to your inventory, held in your hand and viewed, displayed in item frames, renamed using anvils, and passed to other players so they can add them to their own Book and Quill or Portfolio.

Finally, we’re improving Structure Blocks. Now, you and your students will have the power to save and load structures within your Minecraft worlds. That means you’ll be able to copy and paste or reuse structures in different locations. Just think of the possibilities for students who want to save time building massive cityscapes and neighborhoods!

You can learn more about everything the GOAT Update Beta has to offer here. If you’re excited to experience these new features early and provide feedback to our team, join the beta today! Once you’ve had a chance to check out the beta, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our Community Hub.