Welcome to Frozen Planet II worlds for Minecraft

21 Sep 2022 Frozen Planet II Banner

Today Minecraft Education launched a new partnership with BBC Earth to engage our global community in the amazing stories and landscapes featured in Frozen Planet II series.

Learners around the world will be able to explore five immersive worlds, each based on one of Earth’s cold habitats and featuring astounding animals never seen in Minecraft. These Minecraft worlds are inspired by stories in Frozen Planet II, the new landmark series from BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit. Watch the trailer video here

The Frozen Planet II worlds will be available in 29 languages for both Minecraft: Education Edition and Bedrock in the Minecraft Marketplace – a unique opportunity to watch, play, and learn together, taking environmental and sustainability education far beyond the classroom or family room.

This is also the first time you can play as a Minecraft mob! Learn firsthand how challenging it is to hunt a seal, protect your cubs, and gather nectar, then play as an environmental researcher tasked to document animal behavior on location.

A baby penguin in its nest surrounded by adult penguins

The Frozen Planet II worlds are accompanied by educational resources including science lesson plans, walkthrough videos, teaching PowerPoints, and animal factsheets to inspire learning about the importance of our frozen worlds and the effects of climate change. Explore Frozen Planet II lesson plans and other resources for teachers and parents here.

We will be releasing five free worlds weekly through mid-October in the Minecraft: Education Edition library and the Marketplace. Discover the global cryosphere and its remarkable inhabitants with your classroom, friends, and family! Share your experiences with us on social media using #MinecraftEdu #FrozenPlanet2 and keep an eye on our webpage for updates.

Watch this video to learn more about how to teach with these Minecraft worlds:


If you already have Minecraft: Education Edition installed, find Frozen Planet II content in the lesson library or direct download here.

If you don’t have Minecraft Education Edition, download here for a free trial.

Interested in learning more about game-based learning with Minecraft? Check out the new one-hour Minecraft 101 training to learn the basics, and read about licensing options.


Bedrock players can download Frozen Planet II worlds for free in the Marketplace.

Explore the Frozen Planet II Collection for more worlds coming later this month and visit the Education Collection for more game-based learning content.

The Frozen Planet II series is available now in the UK and will be coming to other regions later this and next year. For more information visit: https://www.bbcearth.com/shows/frozen-planet-2

The Frozen Planet II worlds requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately) or Minecraft: Education Edition (available separately).