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The Frozen Planet II series by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit has expanded globally and is now airing on BBC America in the United States. Here’s a rundown of all five Frozen Planet II worlds created in partnership with BBC Earth, available for both Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education, plus new learning opportunities for diving into these astounding worlds with your students.

Students in more than 110 countries have played the Frozen Planet II Minecraft worlds, and the maps have been downloaded by millions of players. Here’s a summary below of the five worlds, currently available to play and explore in both Minecraft Education and Bedrock Edition for free on the Minecraft Marketplace.

For a full overview of all five worlds, and downloadable teaching materials, head on over to this webpage. Watch this playthrough video for teachers, parents, and anyone curious for game-based learning teaching tips. Check out this video of students around the world explaining what they’ve learned about climate change, inspired by Frozen Planet II worlds in Minecraft.

You can also watch the recording of a special XBOX Twitch stream featuring Frozen Planet II producer Alex Lanchester, which aired on January 27. Hear incredible stories about filming wildlife in some of the world’s most remote places while XBOX host Bex plays through the five worlds.

Watch this video to learn how to teach with Frozen Planet II worlds.

Frozen Worlds

Minecraft Education and BBC Earth teamed up to create an exciting Frozen Planet II experience, based on the documentary series by BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit that is now airing in the U.S. on BBC America. Play as several different animals, from chinstrap penguins to polar bears and soaring golden eagles, in some of the harshest and coldest environments in the world. Inspire your students to explore firsthand the impacts of climate change with standards-aligned STEM lessons that accompany the immersive game worlds.

Frozen Worlds is a great starting point for Frozen Planet II. You’ll be introduced to some of the wildest places on Earth in the cryosphere. Environments where temperatures are some of the lowest in the world, and water is locked in ice and snow. In this world, the polar bears get the spotlight. Play as the snowy bear and protect your cubs while hunting for food and navigating the melting ice and harsh weather.

You’ll also be gathering nectars as a Lapland bumblebee and hunting with your pod as a killer whale. Other learning objectives include understanding how climate change is affecting the coldest areas of our planet and threatening the lives of animals such as polar bears.

  • Check out the lesson page here for more information, and download the lesson via the marketplace here.

Frozen Ocean

Following Frozen Worlds, you’ll be tasked with exploring the icy waters in the Frozen Ocean. Specifically, you’ll be learning about the Arctic Ocean. From identifying the position and significance of the Arctic Ocean, to understanding how decreasing arctic sea-ice is disturbing wildlife.

The polar bears are back once again, and you’ll be tasked with protecting your cubs while avoiding hungry male bears who are also affected by decreasing sea-ice. Roll down hills and avoid obstacles on the way down as a walrus. Wrap things up as a researcher tasked with understanding the icy world around you.

  • Check out the lesson page here for more information, and download the lesson via the marketplace here.

Frozen Peaks

The sky's the limit in Frozen Peaks. Take flight as a majestic golden eagle as you hunt prey from the air to provide food for your flock. You can also color shift to match the environments as the high-casqued chameleon.

High altitude regions, such as mountains and high deserts, are susceptible to wild weather changes like avalanches and high winds. As a result, there’s danger around every corner and inhabitants like golden eagles and chameleons must adapt to survive. Learn how this constant need to adapt enables animals to survive.

  • Check out the lesson page here for more information, and download the lesson via the marketplace here.

View our YouTube playlist to preview these wild worlds!

Frozen South

The penguins are here! In Frozen South, you’ll be exploring the bottom of our planet where some of the most hostile conditions exist. As a chinstrap penguin, build a rocky nest for your eggs while being wary of fellow penguin neighbors, who’ll be sure to steal your stones!

The killer whales get time to shine as well. Work together with your killer whale pod to hunt down a tasty meal. Some notable learning objectives include understanding how climate change is impacting Antarctica, and how long-term adaptation enables animals to survive in extreme climates.

  • Check out the lesson page here for more information, and download the lesson via the marketplace here.

Frozen Lands

The Frozen Lands is the final map in Frozen Planet II. There are two vast frozen lands that lie across the planet’s northern continents. The Boreal Forest, which is home to 750 billion trees. Above that, there’s the flat, treeless tundra. Both environments transform from lush green in the summer to infinite white snowscapes in the winter.

Stalk your prey as a stunning Amur leopard or spread your wings and keep your eggs warm as a Lapland bumblebee. Wrap things up as a human researcher tasked with learning more about the boreal forest and the wide-open tundra.

  • Check out the lesson page here for more information, and download the lesson via the marketplace here.

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You can watch the series broadcast on BBC America starting January 28, 2023.