Entries from the March Monthly Student Build Challenge: Signifying Seasons

The March Monthly Student Build Challenge was an exercise in creativity, artistic expression, and communication. Signifying Seasons asked students to build a representation of their region’s seasons and discuss how they fit into the world’s climate. Some incredible entries flooded in, and we’re excited to share these awesome builds!

We were thrilled to see an entry from a student working independently. Ananya Chopra from Canada shared a build that was packed with her favorite seasonal emblems and activities. Her summer swimming pool—complete with a waiting area for parents—was particularly cool!

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When Amanda Hartnell’s students switched over to distance learning at the end of March, she decided that she’d try out this Build Challenge as her first remote activity. The results were fantastic! Take a look at the work from these Canadian learners, including a very chill summer sun and the most enormous turkey you’ve ever seen.


We can always count on Goh Kok Ming’s students from Malaysia to come up with something spectacular, even when learning remotely. This video shows off their work, including beautiful blossoming trees as they appear across the different seasons.

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Mr. Luxford-Moore from Scotland took the challenge home and got his own children involved. His son was particularly excited about the falling snow and made a diorama of a flurry, backed by an advent calendar.


His daughter also got in on the action and showed off her love of arctic wildlife. What could be more wintry than a family of polar bears?


Finally, Gabriela Bowen’s Canadian students grounded their learning in the science of seasons. They started by watching a video about the earth’s tilt, then went on to build their model and follow up with a paragraph on their learning. We love seeing this kind of multi-stage student work!


We were impressed at the creativity on display in these colorful builds! It’s delightful to see how students experience the seasons in different parts of the world, and what emblems best represent their particular climate.

Our April Build Challenge, Build a Better Bedroom, is still going strong. This challenge asks learners to dream up their ideal bedroom that features at least one way of getting exercise indoors. It’s a fun activity that students can accomplish independently while learning at home. Find out how you can join the challenge here.

You’ll find plenty more activities for students at home during school closures on our Distance Learning page. If you’re new to Minecraft: Education Edition and are looking for a place to get started, head to education.minecraft.net.