Entries from February’s Monthly Student Build Challenge: Block Biography

February’s Monthly Student Build Challenge, Block Biography, invited learners to research and represent a famous figure from history and create quizzes for their peers. Students celebrated people from both recent and more remote history, and their creations showcase real creativity and compassion. Take a look at some of their fantastic work!

In the Philippines, Charles Rommel Magno’s students constructed an elaborate museum dedicated to their national hero, Dr. José Rizal. The museum featured questions from non-player characters that needed to be answered before a student could advance. Get a preview of their work in this video!

Click here for video

Fadzli Ishak’s students studied Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first prime minister of Malaysia, and combined Minecraft creations, pixel art, and custom quizzes for their fellow students.

Students in Goh Kok Ming’s class are always eager to join the challenge! They chose to celebrate a hero of theirs: Kobe Bryant. Their build included a memorial garden, informational panels, and an enormous pixel-art portrait.

In India, students from Venkateshwar Global School created a six-level building that used impressive Minecraft mechanisms to guide the player through increasingly tricky questions about various historical figures. Their work displays not only a wide-ranging passion for history, but some amazing feats of in-game engineering. Take a look at their build!

Other students around the world took part in the challenge as well! Mary Elizabeth Pearson’s students in the USA tackled a variety of historical figures, including Gustave Eiffel, the creator of Paris’s most famous landmark. Meanwhile, in Wales, Miss Jones and Mr. Mock led students in the Risca Community Comprehensive School Minecraft Club through an activity researching people who represent their country.

All of these students brought a spirit of inquiry, strong research skills, and a wonderful sense of creativity to their projects, and we were impressed at their incredible work. We can’t wait to see the entries for March’s Build Challenge: Signifying Seasons! This challenge invites students to explore how seasons drive climate around the world by creating sculptures and discussing the mechanisms behind these yearly changes. Find out how your learners can take part, then share your work with the community using the hashtags #MinecraftEdu and #BuildChallenge.

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