Discovering the Basilicata Region and the Treasures of Magna Graecia

09 Dec 2021 Building Metapontum using Minecarft Education Edition

This story comes from Marco Vigelini, educator, and CEO of Maker Camp in Italy. Maker Camp specializes in teaching skills of the 21st century, designing and developing solutions for museums, cultural attractions, and private companies through Minecraft and gamification elements to engage children, families, and the educational community. 

Minecraft: Education Edition opens the door to a fascinating journey, allowing players to discover the beauty of the Basilicata Region, a southern region of Italy, and the historical treasures of the so-called Magna Graecia. It all starts from the uncontaminated beaches overlooking the Ionian Sea, in a modern seaside town that hosts a young tourist about to embark on an adventure full of twists and turns.

Minecraft character teaching pythagorean theorem

Maker Camp, a company that specializes in the use of video games as educational tools in Italian schools and museums, collaborated with APT Basilicata, Agency of Territorial Promotion of Basilicata, to announce the release of the Minecraft map "Metapontum." This map was developed with the technical support of Brian 'Cleverlike' Dickman and is available both for Bedrock and Education Edition.

From the clear beaches of Metapontum beach, the protagonist finds himself visiting the most important places of Magna Grecia in a succession of challenges, fights, and missions to solve. First, our hero meets with a skilled carpenter named Epeiusm, who became legendary for building the greatest deception in history: the Trojan Horse. On another beach, many battle-ready Greek soldiers are ready for war in a re-edition of the Battle of Heraclea. Then, Pythagoras and his famous Theorem introduce the player to a new mission linked to the discovery; the sound of a vibrating string varies with its length.

Moving on to the ancient agricultural vocation of the Basilicata region, players meet a farmer in need of help driving harvesters and follow paths outlined on the Tables of Heraclea. Finally, inside a WWF oasis, the player must try to rescue a turtle to freedom on the beaches of Metaponto lido.

Marco Vigelini, Minecraft Educator and CEO of Maker Camp: "The interesting thing about this map is the fact that we created it with two distinct goals. The first goal, of course, was to develop a Minecraft map compelling, challenging, and interesting to complete. The player receives some information strictly related to the mission while conveying small information about the territory of Basilicata that virtually hosts the gameplay. Once the map is completed, the territory, culture, and historical characters of the Basilicata Region take over as hosts of new challenges, with an important and more significant educational and cultural imprint."

"With this map available not only in Italian but also in English," adds the General Director of APT Basilicata Antonio Nicoletti, "the Agency wanted to use Minecraft as a communication tool for young people in their native language. The Region of Basilicata, its natural beauty, and its extraordinary history take shape as the player enters the world. The map was developed for the Minecraft Education Edition to allow schools around the world to experience a different and educational adventure set in our land, our traditions, and our history."

Now, if you want to find out the meaning of a ‘Pyrrhic victory,’ all you have to do is download, play, and complete this brand-new Minecraft map! The map can be downloaded here.