Celebrating Influential Artists with a new Lesson Pack!

26 Jul 2021

The life stories and creative works of so many artists inspire us and support our learning in many valuable ways. The introduction of imaginative experiences for learners develops creative problem-solving skills and the ability to understand difficult concepts visually. Lessons about art may also support fine-motor skills, aid in social interactions, and can develop a sense of self-expression in students.

The Minecraft: Education Edition Library now features a new Lesson Pack celebrating Influential Artists throughout our history with 12 days of art appreciation and creativity for your learners. Enter the Minecraft Museum for Influential Artists to expand perspectives and build an understanding of various themes in art with these four interactive learning experiences from Phygital Labs.

This learning experience empowers students to build their own themed works within each lesson and culminates in choosing one artist from the lesson pack that they’d like to represent. Once inside the Minecraft Museum’s Great Hall, they’ll create and display a large-scale artwork of their own, showcasing that artist’s techniques.

Lesson 1 - Michelangelo

One unified nation

This lesson focuses on the life and works of Michelangelo. Students go into the Minecraft Museum to find an NPC of Michelangelo, who tells them about his work on the Sistine Chapel. Once students have finished exploring his masterpiece, they practice creating their own fresco in Minecraft. Students can sketch ideas in a sketchbook, and once their build is complete, take in-world photos and share.

Lesson 2 - Mondrian

Revolutionary Movement

This is a study of abstract art, told through the life and work of Piet Mondrian. Students are encouraged to view the artwork from multiple angles and discuss the qualities of abstract art before creating a work of their own. Students can share their projects with one another and discuss what they’ve learned.

Lesson 3 - Monet

Revolutionary Movement

In this lesson we learn about Claude Monet. He introduces his impressionist explorations and the type of landscapes he created. Students examine the artwork and discuss the qualities of impressionism in contrast to other techniques. Students are encouraged to create a Monet-inspired landscape of their own, considering time of day and the influence of lighting on their piece as they create.

Lesson 4 – Minecraft Museum Activity

From the Minecraft Museum’s Great Hall, students choose an artist and represent their work through a large-scale artwork display of their own, showcasing that artist’s techniques.

Build valuable Art Appreciation in or outside of the classroom with the first of four lesson plans and embark on the Influential Artist tour by downloading the world from Minecraft: Education Edition. Explore and experience the thoughtful influence of art with your learners!