Applying Color to Brutalist Architecture

Brutalist architecture is known for the prolific use of stone, and specifically concrete in the building style. This leads to structures in shades of gray with the only differences provided by naturally produced shadow positioning. What would this style look like with color as a central theme running through the structures? Learning Options 1. Try constructing a brutalist building in Minecraft. Next, using screenshot tools and photo editing software, apply a variety of colors to the building. Discuss with your peers, what emotions does the building evoke with both the presence and the absence of color? 2. Construct a building in Minecraft in brutalist style, but include a variety of color in your work. You can focus on either a single color for your building, or focus on complementary colors or non-complementary colors. You can focus on perceptual opposites or deliberately creating color schemes that “work” or “don’t work” in your construction. 3. Experiment with connecting emotion to your building. Research color schemes that evoke certain emotions or promote certain behaviors. For example, did you know research shows reds promote physical emotions such as strength and courage, while blues promote intellectual emotions such as communication and trust. Assessment Options 1. Students could create a survey that goes alongside their created structure. The survey asks peers and perhaps family members as well about the emotions generated as a result of exploring their building. 2. Students can trade their buildings with peers and write about the feelings and emotions they experience as a result of interacting and exploring the building. The link to creative writing could be displayed alongside the buildings themselves. Sites Exploring Color & Theory Paletton, Color Theme Designer Color Matters, Basic Color Theory WORQX, Complementary Colors