Minecraft Micro Models




Critical Thinking

Create scientific models in Minecraft to communicate information about structures and concepts.



Developing and using models is a key skill in understanding the world around us. Scientists can use models to represent ideas, processes, and structures and communicate information to others. Your challenge is to construct a model in Minecraft of something too small to be seen by the human eye. Research images of structures or organisms such as atoms, proteins, viruses, cells, or micro-animals then work to accurately construct your own three-dimensional model in Minecraft.


  • Label the parts of your model and use tools like the camera and portfolio to document your work.
  • Work collaboratively to model parts of larger a system, such as the human body or the water cycle.
  • Explore models of chemical compounds and proteins in the Molcraft lesson and world.
  • Share images of your model with the community at #minecraftedu or with a video on Flipgrid and encourage others to do the same!