Minecraft Instruction Book

Reading and Writing



Critical Thinking

Practice writing by making your own instruction book in Minecraft.



Following directions can be very important in school and in life. Your challenge this month is to create an instruction book in Minecraft. Choose a task or activity then build, photograph, and write the steps necessary to complete your goal. How do you craft a pickaxe? How do you reach the Nether? How do you get to school in the morning? Work with a partner and see if they can follow your directions and achieve success!


  • Use the export feature of the book & quill to create a printable PDF of your work.
  • Support reading skills and English language learning with the built-in Immersive Reader functionality. Turn on the picture dictionary for Minecraft terms!
  • Use Minecraft to create a social story for an upcoming event with words and pictures.
  • Share your work with the community at #Minecraftedu