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Build a coral reef in Minecraft by using code!



Coral reefs are often called the rain forests of the sea because of the amazing biodiversity found within them. Sadly, many of the word's reefs have been destroyed due to climate change, pollution, and coastal development. Your challenge this month is re-build a coral reef in Minecraft by using code!

Download the .ZIP below with an example Make Code file that includes several functions instructing the Agent to build structures from coral as well as instructions for importing.

Make Code - Coding Coral

Use the supplied Make Code file to get started or write your own functions to have the Agent build coral structures.


  • Research the different types of coral reefs and the factors affecting them. Illustrate a report using screenshots from your Minecraft world or export a model of your reef with a structure block.
  • Once you finish your reef, try building a submarine you would use to explore the ocean or build an underwater research station.
  • Share your work with the community by including the hashtags #MinecraftEdu and #BuildChallenge