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Noelene Callaghan

Glenwood High School

Glenwood, AustraliaEnglishE. Australia Time

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  • Technology

Noelene Callaghan is a Technologies Teacher in a Department of Education and Communities Secondary School in Western Sydney. Noelene incorporates the latest technologies into her classroom and is committed to developing 21st Century Learning strategies for her students. Noelene also leads professional learning at her school in the area of ICT (digital curriculum and BYOD). This has led to the development of personalised learning programs for each student as well as developing the technological knowledge and skills of community members. Noelene is a member of the NESA Accreditation Panel, the Honorary Secretary of The Teacher's Guild of New South Wales and a Freelance Writer. Noelene's area of expertise is using new technologies within Australian secondary classrooms. Much research is dedicated to using Minecraft and Social Media in a learning environment which are amongst the most referenced papers in the areas of ICT, gamification and digital pedagogies. Her Masters Degree research led to her winning the 2012 Guild Research Award Prize issued by The Teachers' Guild of New South Wales and the international publication of her work. As a result of winning this prestigious prize, Noelene was invited to join the Teachers Guild of NSW Committee as a Council Member. This has also led to Noelene being invited to present at Staff Development Days in schools throughout NSW.


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