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Upgrading your device to macOS

Make sure you have the latest version of macOS installed on your device, also known as Sierra.  To check this, open the Apple menu, click “About this Mac”, then “System Report”, then “Software”.

To ensure that your macOS device is ready to install software from known developers, go to the “Settings” window from the dock, click “Security and Privacy”, then make sure the “Allow apps downloaded from:” field is set to “Mac App Store and identified developers”.  If this section is grayed out, then it must be changed by the device admin.

Once you’ve done this, you should be able to install Minecraft: Education Edition by following the steps at http://education.minecraft.net/getstarted.  If you still have any issues, please contact us here: https://education.minecraft.net/support/contact-us/.

Updated November 1, 2016