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Specialty Blocks (Allow, Deny, Border, Structure)

Minecraft: Education Edition includes blocks not currently found in other editions of Minecraft designed especially for educators and world creators.

These specialty blocks are designed to help you preserve structures you wish to keep, prevent world visitors from wandering too far, and section off designated areas to build.


Watch this video by Neal Manegold (Director, Minecraft: Education Edition) as he walks through some of the basics of border, allow, and deny blocks.

Border Blocks

  • Education Edition Exclusive: Yes
  • World Builder Permission Needed: Yes (placement, editing, and to move past)

Border Blocks look like bright, red walls and emit tiny, red particles. They are placed like a wall, but act more like a force field that extends upwards and downwards forever!

What this item blocks:

  • Jumping over
  • Climbing over
  • Walking through
  • Flying over
  • Building over
  • Tunneling under
  • Destruction by players without world builder permission

Allow and Deny Blocks

  • Education Edition Exclusive: Yes
  • World Builder Permission Needed: Yes (placement, editing)

Allow Blocks permit the player to build or destroy. These permissions do not affect using items such as doors, levers, or chests.

Deny blocks stop the ability to place or destroy things. You can still interact with items that are restrained by deny blocks.


Structure Blocks (1.0.2 and above)

  • Education Edition Exclusive: No
  • World Builder Permission Needed: Yes (placement, use)

Here is a basic introduction to Structure Blocks by Neal Manegold (Director, Minecraft: Education Edition).

Structure Blocks look like a dark block with an intriguing circular design on each face, with three lines within each circle. These blocks are used to support the 3D Exporting feature introduced in 1.0.2. You may only obtain this item through the “give” command.

/give @s structure_block

This will give you one (1) structure block.

When you click on the block, you will be presented with the following menu.

For full instructions on Structure Blocks, please see our Knowledge Base 3D Exporting article (1.0.2 clients and above only). 

Advanced Tips
You can place specialty blocks underground and they will still continue to provide the effect you need. This works when the blocks don’t fit the design you have in mind.

Test your specialty blocks by toggling off World Builder and trying them out.

If you are looking to level up your Structure Block knowledge or already have a grasp on the basics, we also have a video for you:

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Updated March 15, 2018