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Adding Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Villagers and “NPCs” are non-player characters. They are humanoid characters in your worlds that can be used to provide “life” and ambiance to your city and village settings, be interacted with by visitors to your world, and also provide additional lesson information, hints, or instructions for your students to discover.

To create these non-playable characters in your world, you can use Spawn Eggs to place them. Find the appropriate egg (marked with an exclamation point) and bring it to your inventory, or select it in creative mode via the “Tools” tab.


  • Education Edition Exclusive: No
  • World Builder Permission Needed: No

Villagers can:

  • Spawn naturally within a world or be spawned via egg.
  • Have an inventory and trade items with you.
  • Wander aimlessly – they do not like holding still.
  • Run away if attacked.

Villagers have one six randomly generated professions and one of 1-4 randomly selected careers within that profession.

Farmer Farmers can be a farmer, fisherman, shepherd or fletcher.
Librarian Librarians can be librarians or cartographers.
Priest Priests are clerics.
Blacksmith Blacksmiths can be armorers, weapon smiths, or tool smiths.
Butcher Butchers are either butchers or leatherworkers.
Nitwit Nitwits have no career path. They are nitwits.

The career of the villager will influence the type of inventory they are carrying. The Nitwit villager has no inventory.

This is a sample of the villager inventory and trade window you will see when you click on them.

For more information and details about Villagers, please refer to the Official Minecraft wiki on this topic.


  • Education Edition Exclusive: Yes
  • World Builder Permission Needed: Yes (placement, editing)


  • Stay where you put them.
  • Can be named.
  • Can display dialog text when interacted with.
  • Can launch URLs from the game.

If you are a World Builder, right clicking the NPC will bring up the customize screen. In this screen, you can change the name, displayed text, “learn more” URL, and skin. World Builders can re-access this menu repeatedly to edit it.

The name of the NPC will remain visible from a distance, even through walls. When an Operator or non-World Builder right clicks on an NPC, they will see the displayed text, and a “learn more” button that launches the URL. Experiment with the “learn more” button, it can launch more than just websites!

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Updated September 14, 2017