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Getting Started With Code Connection

Code Connection is an extension (released on May 22, 2017) that allows educators and students to explore, create, and play in an immersive Minecraft world – all by writing code.

You can visit our download page to find the application, and get instructions on how to install it for your specific platform.

How to Connect

Once Code Connection is installed, Code Builder can be accessed in game by typing the command “/code” in the command console.

Choose your editor.

Code Connection will launch in a separate window. From here you will be able to select the environment of your choice.

Currently supported platforms:

Once a service is selected you are ready to use Code Builder. Return to Minecraft: Education Edition and you’ll be greeted by The Agent, who can be programmed to perform all sorts of activities, from mining to building to farming.

Is your world missing? This world should be in your list automatically, along with a tutorial world and several sample worlds to help you get started. Please check the version number of your Minecraft: Education Edition (it should read 1.0.18 or higher). If you have any issues, please contact support right away so we can get your Agent Trials working again.

Things to try with your agent

Log in to your Minecraft: Education Edition after installing Code Connection and give the Agent Trials a try. This in-game tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Going forward
  • Moving your agent using turn commands
  • Mastering vertical movement
  • Putting directional movement together to get the full spectrum
  • Teaching the Agent to move and destroy items
  • Farming. Why not automate your planting and harvesting needs?
  • Collect materials
  • Build a simple shelter with your agent
  • Start creating in a sandbox area


Additional Resources

Updated March 15, 2018