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Importing Hour of Code to Minecraft: Education Edition (Code Studio)

In 2017, Hour of Code introduced the ability for Code to be exported to Minecraft: Education Edition. This article will explain how to bring code to life in Minecraft: Education Edition for additional fun and adventure.

First Steps

  • Please note you will need an active trial or subscription account to Minecraft: Education Edition for these instructions to work. Get started here.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition is currently available for Windows 10 and macOS platforms.
  • You will need to have version 1.31 (or higher) of Code Connection installed, as well as Minecraft: Education Edition 1.0.21 (or higher). Find the files you need here. If you have an older version of Code Connection installed, please uninstall your current version and reinstall the most up to date one from our website. (You do not need to uninstall Minecraft: Education Edition to do this.)
  • If you have issues, please consult our basic troubleshooting page.

Import Code

When you’ve finished your “freeplay” puzzle at the end of the Hour of Code, be sure to write down the “share URL” (pictured here as “https://studio.code.org/c/12345”).

Open up Minecraft: Education Edition and enter your world.

Open the chat window and type “/code”. This will launch Code Connection for you. You should see a window that looks like this.

Select “Code.org” for your editor.

Click on the “import” button in the top bar.

A pop up will let you type in the URL you were given.

Select “import” and run your code. Happy adventuring!

Additional Resources

Updated March 28, 2018