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Basic Troubleshooting (Connection Issues, IP Addresses, File Locations)

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Minecraft: Education Edition
No journey inside Minecraft for the classroom is complete without the support of educators around the world. Connect with people working with similar subjects or age groups and start a conversation on the forums. We also have an extensive Knowledge Base to answer many questions.

Additional Applications for Minecraft: Education Edition
There are two additional applications you may use with Minecraft: Education Edition.

This is a basic troubleshooting guide covering the most common technical scenarios you may encounter, but you can contact support anytime.

Questions you may have (and links to solve them)

Finding your IP in Minecraft: Education Edition
Once you are in the world, selecting escape will bring up the Game Menu. On the top right of the screen, the IP address can be seen. This is useful when you are trying to connect in multiplayer games.

This is a grey box showing the IP address at the top, and a sample of a person (EmmaM) who has created the world.

What ports do you need open? What website(s) need to be allowed?
Some districts restrict website access to students, only enabling access to specific websites that have been allowed. Occasionally, this scenario can prevent students from logging into Minecraft: Education Edition. Your network administrator can assist with resolving this.

  • https://meeservices.azurewebsites.net
  • Port 19132 (this carries Minecraft multiplayer traffic)
  • Port 19131 (this carries Code Builder traffic)

Location of world files
Where “USERNAME” is below, that’s the user account on the machine, so whatever someone uses to log into the machine, not into Minecraft: Education Edition.

PC: Look in C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftEducationEditionBeta_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds

MacOS: Look in HD > Users > <user name> > Library > Application support > Minecraftpe > Games > com.mojang

Worlds are stored with an extension of .mcworld, so if you are not entirely sure you can also search the files on the machine using that extension. Note, some of these folders may be hidden!

Other Support Links
Minecraft: Education Edition support currently operates on a Monday through Friday schedule (Pacific time), and is most responsive during standard business hours. You may expect reasonable slowdowns or delays in reply times during heavy volume seasons (early fall/the beginning of school/during and immediately after traditional school “vacations”) and during US-based holidays through the year.

We only provide gameplay and basic installation support for Minecraft: Education Edition. For questions or feedback about other versions of Minecraft, and your account with Minecraft or Mojang, please use the Mojang help site. You can reach Mojang support at this link.

The Microsoft Store for Education has a set of support materials and agents for both commerce and technical support directly related to licensing, purchase, renewals, obtaining purchase orders or other forms, tax exempt questions, administrative changes to your account, and any error message in the Store while making a purchase or assigning licenses.

For general Minecraft gameplay help, please consult the official wiki.

If you have issues with or would like help obtaining or setting up your Office 365 Education accounts, you can email that team directly for help. They can assist with things like: changing your software (not website) password, and approving your domain as “education related” to obtain the accounts needed for Minecraft: Education Edition.

Additional Resources

Please contact support anytime if these suggestions do not help fix your issue, or even if you just need more information about the above. It will help us if you also share:

  • Information about what you have already tried. Screenshots of error messages are the best! Please also include a description of any images in addition to anything you are sending in case the files are too big and do not come through.
  • Crash logs if applicable.
  • Constructive suggestions you have to improve our basic troubleshooting page! Was something unclear or needed more information?

The more we know, the faster we can skip the basic troubleshooting and get in depth with your issue. You can also add a thread in our Technical Support forum to suggest additional scenarios you believe would help others or get more help!

Updated March 5, 2018