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Category: Installation and Getting Started


Installing Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is compatible with Windows 10 or macOS. This article will help you with installations (and upgrades if needed) on both systems.

Deploying Minecraft through the Microsoft Store for Education

Licenses are deployed through the Microsoft Store for Education. If you have questions about support, need documentation, information about bulk assignment or want to watch video walk-throughs of the process, this is the place.

Office 365 Education and Minecraft: Education Edition

All users of Minecraft: Education Edition must have an Office 365 Education account. This article explains how that works.

Install Code Connection and Classroom Mode

Minecraft: Education Edition supports two applications designed for classroom use, Classroom Mode and Code Connection. We have installation instructions and resource links to get started for Windows 10 and macOS, our supported platforms.

Basic Troubleshooting (Connection Issues, IP Addresses, File Locations)

This is a quick help page of common issues with links to solve them. Start here for all your questions, or if you just need to find your IP, world files, which ports need to be open, getting a "not eligible" error, or links to store and Office 365 Education help.

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