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Current Changelog: See What's New

Minecraft: Education Edition is currently on version 1.0.18, please see our most recent changelog via this article.

Getting Started with Classroom Mode

Classroom Mode is only available to users running the Minecraft: Education Edition general availability client. Read on for installation for Windows 10 or macOS, getting started, features, and provides a short video from one of our Mentors demonstrating features.

Getting Started With Code Connection

Code Connection provides coding opportunities via the Agent. This article is a general introduction with resources. For installation for Win10/macOS, please see the "Installing Code Connection and Classroom Mode" article.

How To Set Up A Multiplayer Game

Minecraft: Education Edition provides for multiplayer games take place connecting over IP. This article gives you the steps to get started and additional resources to keep you and your students going.

Adding Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Villagers and "NPCs" are non-player characters you can add to your world. We show you how they are used and how to add them.

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