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Student will identify key information.


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September 18, 2017

Learning Objectives

  • Students will identify the key information travelers need to know to travel the Oregon Trail.

Guiding Ideas

  • What do all excellent travel guides do for their readers?
  • What types of information can you expect to find in a travel guide?
  • What makes a travel guide easy to understand for others?

Student Activities

Congratulations!  You’ve arrived at the end of the trail.  After many months of hard travel with various dangers, you survived the treacherous trail.  Thinking on all you have learned over your journey, you have invaluable information for others who want to make the same trek.  What do travelers need to know?  Write a travel guide for friends and family back East who are planning their trip on the Oregon Trail.

Topics to consider including:

• Reasons why someone should travel the Oregon Trail

• What to bring (and not to bring)

• Important travel tips for the journey (safety, trade posts to visit, etc.)

• A map (be sure to include estimates in Minecraft distance with a proper ration to the real distances between posts)

• Pictures/selfies of your favorite places and events Remember: You can use artifacts from other activities as well as your reflection journal in your travel guide.

Performance Expectations

  • Have students reflect on their final products via answering questions below:
    • How does your travel guide help others who want to explore the Oregon Trail?
    • How did you incorporate artifacts from other activities to guide travelers?
    • Would you consider using your own travel guide? Why or why not?


  • Creativity
  • Communication

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