Educators have told us that using Minecraft to teach part of their curriculum has helped them improve student engagement, collaboration, creative exploration, and tangible learning outcomes.

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Minecraft: Education Edition empowers unique and creative learning experiences for educators and students alike.

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Student Engagement

Minecraft: Education Edition brings the classroom and curriculum to students in an environment they are already comfortable with. It offers the same Minecraft experience many students enjoy already, but with some additional capabilities that enable them to collaborate in the classroom, as well as support for educators to deliver learning activities within the game.

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Minecraft: Education Edition is designed so that students can work in teams to solve problems, or as a whole class to master challenges within the game. Engaging in collaborative work teams and learning environments that foster cooperation in the classroom helps prepare students for their futures.

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“We owe it to our students to bring what they’re passionate about into the classroom.”

Chris Aviles, Fairhaven Schools, New Jersey

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Creative Exploration

People learn naturally through a combination of observation, trial and error, and play-based practice. An open-learning environment like Minecraft allows students the freedom to experiment and challenge themselves. Much like in real life, there are no step-by-step instructions — students must try, fail, and try again to achieve the result they want.

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Tangible Learning Outcomes

To create a fully inclusive classroom, educators are challenged to create learning activities that cater to all types of learners. Learning-by-doing gives students a sense of accomplishment when they can demonstrate their knowledge. And in Minecraft: Education Edition, educators are able to map projects and activities directly to specific learning outcomes and curriculum standards.

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