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Known Issues with Minecraft: Education Edition

While we hope that no bugs slip through into the products we ship, we are a team of humans and inevitably we won’t be able to catch all issues. Here is a list of what we know is out there:

Current Issues (last updated 6/18/2018)

Minecraft: Education Edition Game Client

Fixed inventory in tutorial world, not in actual game 

  • Versions impacted: 1.4.0, Windows 10 MacOS
  • Workaround: There is no workaround at this time
  • Status: This is a known issue and we will fix in the next release

Users on Windows 10N may experience may experience crashing

  • Version Impacted: All versions, Windows 10N
  • Workaround: Run Windows Media Player prior to launching the game
  • Status: This is a known issue and we are actively working to implement a solution

 Code Connection

*No outstanding issues at this time*

  Classroom Mode

Teachers can only open one instance of Classroom Mode on macOS

  • Version Impacted: All versions, Windows 10 only
  • Workaround: After your first instance of CM is opened, go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal In that window, type: open -n -a “Classroom Mode for Minecraft”.
  • Status: This issue is set to be fixed in the next release.

Additional Resources

Updated July 13, 2018