Minecraft game art illustration of a nighttime world.


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Category: Teaching With Minecraft


Learning to Play Minecraft: Education Edition

Get started in Education Edition via our Tutorial World and other resources.

Minecraft Controls

This article explains how to move around with the most common interface for Minecraft: Education Edition, a keyboard and mouse. We encourage you to bookmark or print out this page while you are learning how to play, you'll likely want to refer to it often.

Essential Commands

Commands (often called "slash commands") are a great way to adjust settings in your world. This article explains how to use them, targeting, basic coordinates, customizing your world with commands, and exclusive Education Edition commands.

Minecraft: Education Edition Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are available in the Class Resources area of the website, and continuously added to.

Research About Game-Based Learning

Can a video game really be educational? Find out how it works and explore our resources for game based learning with this article.

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