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What's New in Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition periodically releases updates to our game and companion apps to add new features and continually improve the experience. You will find details on our current and past releases here.

Known Issues with Minecraft: Education Edition

While we hope that no bugs slip through into the products we ship, we are a team of humans and inevitably we won't be able to catch all issues. Here is a list of what we know is out there.

Features of Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is a version of the popular open world game, Minecraft, specifically designed for education.

Exporting in 3D

Bring your creations to life in Minecraft: Education Edition with 3D exporting.

Getting Started with Classroom Mode

Classroom Mode is only available to users running the Minecraft: Education Edition general availability client. Read on for installation for Windows 10 or macOS, getting started, features, and provides a short video from one of our Mentors demonstrating features.

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