Educator Resources

We are inspired by the dedication and creativity shown by Minecraft educators each day. Use these resources to help transform the next generation of learners.


Brand new to Minecraft? Use our tutorial experience, specifically built for Minecraft: Education Edition, and learn controls, crafting, and many of the unique features to Education Edition. Don’t be afraid to ask your students for assistance as well!


If you are searching for a specific biome to use for your lesson, we have provided many for you to choose from. We will be adding more in the future as well. Forest, tundra, mushroom island, and more are available.


If you are considering Minecraft for your classroom but want to see some starter worlds, you’re in luck! Make requests for the worlds you want us to build at our feedback site.

Minecraft Mentors

Not sure how to get started? Minecraft Mentors are here to help. Connect with an experienced Minecraft educator to get the support you need to start your journey using Minecraft in the classroom.

Lesson Plans

We have provided lessons spanning primary, intermediate, and secondary school for use with your students. Also consider existing curriculum that could be adapted to use Minecraft: Education Edition.

Hey educators, want to submit your lesson plans and provide curricular resources for your peers? Click below to upload your lesson, and we’ll get in touch when it’s published.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Minecraft: Education Edition? Find out about when you can purchase, how Minecraft helps educators and students, and other details.

Lesson Vignettes

Want to get started but not sure where to begin? Download these resources spanning a variety of subjects to begin your journey.

Pixel Art

Download these lessons focused on visual arts and literacy. Students can complete self-portraits, place relevant items from a biography, or emulate the work of artist Chuck Close while exploring the world of pixel art.

Temple of Artemis

If you are looking to tour one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, download these lessons covering history, poetry, and architecture.

Anderson Shelters

Download the lessons related to Anderson Shelters. These ideas cover researching WWII and other bomb shelters, physics and engineering with TNT cannons, and blast strength of various blocks in Minecraft.


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